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      Oct 7, 2021

      Morning all.

      Just picked up a 2007 gt650r as a winger project. Surprisingly impressed with performance and ride.

      Anything i should be looking at eg, common faults dodgey parts etc.



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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      Oct 7, 2021
      North UK

      Hey welcome to the forum club 🙂

      Post some pictures of your ride as some journal topic , we’d like to see how you get on with it considering there is a lesser amount of 650s in the UK than smaller CC Hyosungs actively on the road. So keeping this one on the road is music to us all.

      Let us know what you have discovered from it , any history , any changes  (like some part that’s been changed from the stock setup etc)

      We could end up narrowing down the “to do list ”  / “to look out for” list as you wanted to know  ,  and sooner you finish your project the sooner you can go about with it.

      If there was any ideas of putting more 650 parts on this shop , let me know and i’ll do my best , it’s not hard for me to query & get stock parts in trade but wherever possible i tend to replace & stock things with better ones .   What’s on the shop will also give you an idea what direction I am going for , and what people commonly replace. It may be smaller CC bike parts occupying most of the shop catalogue but principal can be applied to the 650 although they tend to live well untouched as long it’s definitely taken care of & serviced accordingly as per service intervals.   Just the smaller CC bikes have a harder life that’s all .

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