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      Nov 18, 2018

      I do after say tthey not as fast as cbr 125 or yzf 125


      weight of a gt125rc is 180kg and others of 125 are around 120kg


      ive owned both and the Hyosung 125 doesn’t cut it close the the top speed or acceleration but that’s the fact the Hyosung is abit heavier but does look better ive removed my l plate on rear as I got idiots on my ass but now I don’t


      but even though its abit slow for hills and reaching top speed it still a great bike and sound beafy then stock bikes I got a guy at my works of a ktm 125 duke and it sounded boring of a 4 stroke scooter


      ive had people say that’s not a 125

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      Nov 18, 2018
      North UK

      True, the hyo’s biggest let down is its heavy wheels!

      If the koreans had mad the wheels lighter instead of heavy cast metal, it would have weighed as much as another similar sized 150

      Frame is only 30kgs lol.

      The older generations models are generally a little bit beefier from stock than the new shape RC

      RC is a bit lighter than old gen, except it was let down by slower parts fitted to it , so we’re talking  88mph vs 82-84 on RC.

      You may consider a lithium light battery to cut some weight off, better tyres have less weight , the stock suicidal tyres weigh a tone of bricks!   and ofcourse, ditching the stock parts for upgrades seems to do them better justice now.

      More torque can be done on the extreme scale such as better custom valve springs, carb needle , jet tuning , ht wire changes , k&n filter, 250 cooler so it runs colder, etc…. but that’s a topic for another day lol , some tuning can be individual based

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      Nov 18, 2018
      Hiyosung Gv125 aquila

      i own a hyosung 125cc gv aquila and do find it a very heavy bike for being a 125cc. I prefer that as im cruising about now instead of my sports bike days.

      Saying that my bike wheels might as well be square as im never out on the bike much because of constant upgrades to help cure it running like a bmx.

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