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      Moustache Man
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      GV125 2016

      Regarding my previous post (thanks a lot for the help chaps, much appreciated!), after finally finding a spare day to do so, I removed my fuel tank on my GV125, 2016, to access my carbs to clean them.

      This was easy, but now i had an issue. The giant airbox was in the way, as i wanted to lift the carbs out completely. I would remove the airbox, but the frame rail was also in the way. How would i remove this airbox, as the jets on the carbs are inaccessible unless you remove the whole carb units.

      Would be absolutely appreciated, this really frustrated me and i cannot keep riding on a bike that barely starts/bogs down when i let off the revs. I would be able to easily fix this when i get my hands on these carbs, and change the jetting too 😉

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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      North UK

      Following the old thread, i wanted to quote my old reply, here:

      Accessing the Carbs

      Perharps another trick as I have done with the EFI bike i own, is that i had to drop the engine a little bit to access the injector system:
      – Try getting a jack and place it under the engine,  loosen the engine mounts at bottom rear.
      – Leave the top rear mount intact, but loose.
      – Remove the front mount, the engine will lower towards the front in a diagonal fashion, so that its slanted towards the tyre.
      – Remove the side air-filter unit.
      – For your bike, loosen the carb clamps
      – Being extremely gentle = > Lift the air chamber unit up and forwards towards the bike
      – Ofcourse get the oil cooler out of the way (2 bolts drops it down)

      Unless the engine is dropped down, it’s a creative & gentle process to get the air chamber out, i know the frame-bar is in the middle, strange design is all i can say lol.

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      Moustache Man
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      GV125 2016

      Ahh I’ll have to invest in a jack, or try and find a way to rip this airbox off!

      But thanks a lot Marcel, for the previous thread and this thread. This will definitely take a day or so, hopefully i’ll find a day to work on her with. Fuel additives and V-Power did not seem to work.

      Will let you know if i need any more assitance/help, cheers

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      GV125 Aquila

      Hi did this work for you. I am about to do the same thing and was wondering if you encountered any problems.


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      Alan McLean
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      Orihuela Spain
      Aquila GV125

      Hi guys, I removed the airbox from my GV 125 the other day as the carb’s had to come back out to be cleaned again. I found getting the airbox off not too difficult when I did it the first time and again the other day.

      I removed all of the air intake and air filter housing from the right hand side, I also dropped the brace holding the coil packs on the left hand side. Once I loosened the clamp’s holding the airbox onto the carburettor I got a hand either side of the airbox and gently “wiggle” it off the carb’s then keeping some downward pressure on the carb’s I slid the airbox forward, once the rear rear intake had passed the rear carb I was able to pull the airbox out sideways. One other thing, on mine the wiring harness ran between the underside of the frame and the channel in the airbox release the cable ties and pull the harness to one side this will give you a little more room when trying to lift the airbox off the carb’s and as Marcel has said be very careful with the intake manifolds.

      Now as I said I have done this twice and after reading so many articles about how difficult it was I wasn’t looking forward to doing it however I did it without too much difficulty.

      But there is a but, it was an absolute nightmare getting the airbox back in after I had cleaned the carb’s the first time. The main problem was getting the rear airbox/carb coupling back in place and slide over the carb, it took many attempts and a lot of bad language 😄😄

      I have a couple of ideas on how to improve the refit process and as soon as I have finished cleaning the carb’s I will try different options and let you know how I get on.👍



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