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      Comet gt250

      2010 gt 250 had an electrical meltdown, replaced stator battery and regulator. note: replaced battery and reg first, bike would start but no charge, replace stator and pickup , (stator was shorted). now not starting, HOWEVER if a ohm meter is placed across the pickup sensor connector while starting it will start. Has anyone any ideas what could be the cause, I would rather avoid having a meter permanently wired under the seat 🙂

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      North UK

      Lets see if we can get the technical specs of the parts you had  , before we troubleshoot, i know some stators don’t mix on every hyosung.

      So if you have a 2010 bike, can i ask?

      • Is the ECU   “daewoo” or “sentec”? (incase of a late switch over in 2009/2010, efi began in 08) but for sure 2012+ is delphi otherwise just let us know the ecu’s part number and ill match up the harness , stators , regs it uses.
      • Was the reg a genuine hyosung one?  (i wouldn’t keep this thing forever, since 9/10 of us upgrade to better mosfet ones than basic shunt regulators hyosung makes)
      • What part number is the STATOR you bought? (or check purchase reciepts) (cruicial)
        (some flywheels of certain hyosungs want specific stators, as ive seen first hand of no crank issues   or sometimes not charging as flywheel wasnt responding the stator coils to produce juice)

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