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      Gv250 fi

      I have a 2010 gv250 FI . Bought as a project to get me back on the road after 15 years away from bikes. Problem is I don’t know where the hose in the picture goes . It is at the front of the air box and has been hanging there since I got the bike. Does it connect to under the tank to complete the vacuum set up ? Any help appreciated .

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      Sorry this topic wasn’t replied to. That pipe will go to the SAV unit  (it is called Second Air Valve  or infamously “fake EGR”) which you should be able to see on the bike frame)

      Have you been able to locate it ?

      Another hit,  go behind each exhaust pipe on the cylinder heads, you will see the “small metal” pipes,  those go up to the SAV unit,   then the SAV unit sucks the air from the airbox spare pipe dangling in your picture.

      As your bike is EFI, the SAV unit is electronic.  It will have wires going to it too.

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