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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Hey welcome.

Do you think you have either instgram , youtube, or vimeo or any other public site that lets you upload a video and copy it.
Come back to the forum and just share the link to it.
This way we can see & hear what’s happening to the bike.

We may go back & forth to get you the right answer , so i will start with the basics….

  • What year is the bike?
  • Do you use e5 or e10 fuel   (or what does the pump say on your petrol station forecourts) ?
    (Here in UK we discourage the use e10 even if the bike is rated for it, due to the fact bike simply runs better on e5 premium fuel & less maintenance of the fuel system to worry about later)
  • Do you or have you used any products such as “WYNNS GOLD PETROL SYSTEM” cleaner, which you fill up in the tank (all of the bottle) and mix with half tank of normal fuel. This will “try” to soft clean your injectors, pump, etc
  • Do you get any Fi warning lights on the dash ? (or maybe we will see it from a video?)
  • Has the bike been modified in anyway ?
  • Lastly, if you have the physical service manual with you, can you go to a page that talks about getting error codes to display

    Usually error codes displayed on the dash (when you follow the manual) , can sometimes tell you exactly which part is acting funny to need attention or a replacement.

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