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Nov 30, 2017
North UK


What year is the 125R ?

1. The bike is a 2017 model
2. I used the same pick up sensor for the 2017 bike
3. However I used the MAGNETO coil from the older model bike.

The bike starts, but will not charge There’s the issue.

If you have a bike that’s from 2012 onwards (newshape 125), understand there is a whole new flywheel inside and magneto modified from MS3-250 scooters

That means no old gen magnetos work on it,  henceforward I do “RC” specific kits at this shop.

If not,

You may have an OLD GEN GREY colour engine  (2005-2007 era), with the old daddy tensioners behind the engine heads.
Then ofcourse, any “BLACK COLOUR” stator magneto from 125GT from 02 to 2010(last yr before new shape came) , works OK, as that’s the genuine korea colour.

For old gens , we have those kits too.    Though you can email me if you want a working used stator that’s from a 2017 bike and flywheel  (at least this way the flywheel and magneto combo will work on any year 125GT  (2002 to 2019)

I very very rarely encourage buying used stators or regs because i have learned from admin emails that ebay sellers are very dishonest at most times , which is shocking.

Anyways, next thing, what’s up with the dash ?

I hope a new chinese reg didn’t smoke up the dash or the dodgy chinese stator spiked up  (seen it with my own eyes 3x, where someone didn’t listen to me lol)

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