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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Another point to consider is that certain lambda sensors and certain Hyosung ECU’s on EFI bikes  (250 or 650) will react weird if they sense the exhaust is exiting the air too fast or too much,   it is stock tuned to respond to the original hyosung muffer.

On a carby bike we usually upjet the carbs (mandatory) or the engine leans out eventually and runs hotter, not good long term.  A high flow filter does help the carby machine but hey,  More air IN or More air OUT  = still means fueling must be upjetted.

Now with EFI bikes, hmmm, have you put the original can back on?  If its happy, then you know it was the can.   In “sometimes” making the baffle as small as the original OEM can will limit the flow , and see if the lambda sensors and ecu stay happy then

Ofcourse you get less loud though but the little backpressure it gets is good at low down RPM.

let us know how you get on and let us know which type of can you have as IXIL make various cans and sizes , even stubbies (which is almost making it moot vs a prefered fuller size long can)

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