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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

In regard to bar ends, on the Hyosung’s are they one piece or are you able to take the end off to replace with an aftermarket one? Or likewise do I have to replace the whole clip on?

If you have the naked GT it should have a straight bar with factory bar ends already.

The GT650S and 650R have solid clip ons yes.  they are still the most bolt on clipons due to the fact top fork clamp holds them extra secure by 1 additional bolt. Look under neath one you may see what i was saying.

Aftermarkets tend to be chinese made universals not something i would dare fit myself.  yes other brands may fit the fork size , how to stop them rotating (forbid) is another question. Even though they are tight on fork without additional bolt assissted by top fork clamp, i still have better confidence from oem ones.


There may be a way to do it to original fork clamped clipons but time & effort?

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