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Jan 14, 2020
GV125 2016

I have attempted to install a pod filter. Well, I cannot really call it a “pod”, it had a 76mm diameter.

I had to remove the fuel tank, remove the horrible looking bracket and remove the air intake box. Pain in the arse to remove it without taking the tank off so dont bother. Once finally installing it and attempting to ride the bike, of course it was running wayyyyyy too lean and barely made it above 4000rpm. So i duct-taped 3/4 of the air intake, completely reversing the whole point of an aftermarket air filter, to increase air to the engine, but I ended up blocking it again. The bike ran fine, sounded louder and was lighter. It also looked cool.

However, I am desperate to remove the airbox entirely, just so I can access those yummy carbs. I have a lovely aftermarket set of carb jets waiting to be fitted, so I can reinstall my filter properly. I did manage to find a place that say they can “take apart the carbs from the GV125”, so i’ll have to check them out when I service the bike in January. With my new sprocket kit (thanks marcel it did arrive, getting it fitted tomorrow!), carb tune, air filter, and my gutted muffler, the bike should be hitting 80mph no problem. Maybe even more

Ignore the crappy exhaust wrap, I have changed that since taking this photo! 

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