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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Hey welcome to the site and how nice of you to move yourself and your bike to the north islands, but sorry that it is wet sometimes!  We get that in England too lol.

So let’s jump right to it;
– Use OEM rubber “dust covers” which hide the engine hole , they are on ebay i usually stock them
– We don’t know on NGK caps of how old they were but we have to assume NGK products rarely fail anyways unless there was some kind of cosmetic damage
– Try to replace the HT wire with magnecor ones  (from coil to the cap)
– Try to download the manual on this forum and then follow its guide on how to test your ignition coils to make sure they are in OEM specs.
– On the same manual , try to remove the airbox, and then test the electrical parts that are mounted near the engine and box ,
– Check the frame isn’t rusty. Use contact cleaner to “clean every single” exposed wire, every PLUG you find on the bike.
– Done ? Get  “ACF50”, then apply a small “rain drop” of that stuff in every single plug (INSIDE), this is electrical safe anti-rust agent and also protects from weather attacks (it tries!)

  • Check your spark plugs
  • check your air filter , because if water went in , it will annoy the injectors trying to atomize the fuel
  • make sure the harness is good front to back using contact cleaner and the acf50 bottle as mentioned above ^, because its naked bike , so a bit more attention is need compared to a faired up bike in some cases.Try these and see how you get on. Good luck fella!

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