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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

I would not advise manual tensioners in my opinion, to put in short:

  • Race teams dont mind, they do engine rebuilds or have access to the motor all the time
  • Not really for street use
  • if the chain starts to wear down (it always does), the tensioner “MUST” be adjusted frequently or always checked the tension is good.
  • if the tensioner pushes too hard , the chain will go or cam parts will wear off much sooner
  • if the tensioner pushes too loose, the cams will jump a tooth at high speed and possibly take out a piston , because if it skips timings, the valve will hit a piston.
  • you have to stay on top of it ,  the more of a daily bike it becomes eg riding far miles to work every day, the more it needs attention (says so in manual)


You can PM me i may be able to supply you a new cam chain within the same week fast , i think its still there.

Automatic tensioners are ideal and they work,  like every other bike brand out there, sometimes they make sounds causing us to change them almost immediately before they cause issuses to the engine, sometimes bad batches are made (rushed in production),  some will survive for miles and miles.

Hyosung 125GTs & Rs have been through 3 tensioner designs , you didn’t say what year your engine is ?   it has a big head or a small head tensioner behind the motor.  (do you see a center bolt in the middle or do you see a rubber plug in middle etc…)

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