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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Looks good fella! – Being able to see the odd twat behind you is always ideal before any evasive action lol.   Well done!

I’ve started to slowly put small bits up for this bike,  one of the big exclusive bits i’m eager to do is the 520 chain conversion kit that everyone raves about on the carby bikes . I may possibly PM you or someone else i know with the EFi GV to be a guinea pig to test the kit.  I’ve seen that stock does 75  (just like the old GV125 carby, but i get texts now of 87 ish at best on the 520s but max chain does is 94) . If i can make the EFI GV125 push beyond 85 without loosing the crucial acceleration , then we have won lol.    If i think of something else to do also , i’ll probs make sure this site does it lol.   Who knows, my brain doesn’t stop haha.

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