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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

There is about 4 revisions off my head (visually speaking) about them dash units but dare i say,  all manual clocks always have the individual bulbs as i’ve seen them my self to fix em.   The Carby dash for GTR is digital 100% (old gen), as i own one.  The only bulbs i could change was for the tacho side mostly.

The white(dash) ones you have sometimes look all black, or have different color dails but why yours is totally digital for 2010! is a surprise , i went to the parts book again, it does look like the LCD panel is not even sold on its own  anymore in UK , except a complete unit (which is too much money!)

Your indicators light up on the dash in one side ?  I have a strong suspicion about the “mini” harness that the dash uses to connect to the frame of the bike – Get a multi meter , set to a few thousand ohms or something.  See if each coloured wire has a complete circuit  from end to end of the plug terminals? –

ie. Green end to end should NOT be zero but numbers jumping to infinity, this is assumed the wire is okay and check the terminals themselves are not corroded or anything including the dash unit itself.

Speaking of green = check your bulbs flash on the right side of the fairings front and rear, and their “GREEN” wire is also connected to the dash unit (to tell you its flashing right side) – Last thing to check was the whole bike harness itself , indicators for the right is green color wire, light green.

I do hope it doesn’t fail,  i did PASS an MOT on the Comet donor when the LEFT dash bulb wasn’t showing up but the tester could see the indicators themselves were flashing though and i can see them when i am sat on the bike, so it didn’t bother me too much in the past.   An advisory is a like a mission to fix the dash  (hopefully without needing to replace the whole LCD unit!)

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