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Jan 25, 2020
West midlands
Grand prix plus

Iv tried hyoparts and all i found there is i remember was an electrical pump or starter cant remember. Couldnt find the spares uk site though, only plumbing sites turned up.

There is a variator set on ebay they have listed to fitΒ Β a Polaris Sportsman Predator Scrambler. And it looks identical! Even the same amount of teeth inside the pulley. But thats Β£17 and a months wait for postage from china, and i needed new transportation a week ago.

Not sure im aloud to post links to ebay pages? I did think of posting the set for anyone in the future who stumbles on the thread.

I do hope sinnis re make the grand prix / hyper range but its doubt full if hyosung dropped it and its only a 2004 model.

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