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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Just a quick update, the part numbers that are on the czeck site ( do work. I tried them on the uk hyosung parts request page and they emailed me back the price and shipping cost but all in US dollars? Prices were little steep 30$ for an outside pulley plate then 20$ postage. Just confused why i requested parts on the uk site but pricing was in US dollars? Just wondering to if this will be the fate of all hyosung models? In a few years time they will discontinue parts? Bit of a worry.

My dealer locally has the actual paper back book with part numbers on it written Korean, if I ever have to match them up or something

Hyoparts/sparesUK,  .nz,  .eu = are shell companies that are run by overseas people. They are correct to mention stuff in dollars anyway , as that’s the easiest global currency to convert to UK pounds or euros , etc.
The only company i know that is a real importer in uk (with an actual UK base) is MotoGB but they don’t appear to stock what you have.  Sinnis will be importing future hyos under EFI ones anyway starting with their latest GV125 Bobber S.

I’ve not found out the true cost of your parts,  if the site you use says they have it for true? Then I guess that’s an option there.   As for shipping/logistics , it’s up to them what couriers they use and if the parcel is weighty to ship it to UK.

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