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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

We don’t know the history of your servicing, especially the clutch.

The noises you describe is likely the clutch basket – inside the clutch basket,  it’s easier to sort out  worn springs (vs the service limit)  and the rolling bearing that sits in front of the basket,  this bearing is part of keeping ur clutch smooth.

You want the metal discs in between to sit flat on glass table (no distortion,  lest it shakes).  The fibre plates will have a wear limit just like brakes, so check plates arent too worn down.  They will rattle yes.

Speaking of rattle, look inside the clutch basket, and check there isn’t any deep dentures/marks caused by the plates staying in a certain postion for too long,  you want the edges of the basket to be smoother, so plates n discs will slide back and forth better, during engagement.

I’ve attached the screenshot which talks about the noise you described.  Manual is in the forums, good luck!

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