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Nov 30, 2017
North UK


You can always click “Add Media” on this reply box , so you can paste images directly  as you type your replies.

Imgur is a handy backup for sure.

So i read through both links now,  first off , nice progress!

The AIS = general consensus is to ditch it , especially if some of us have enriched the carbs or the exhaust has changed ,   we usually bin the devices associated.

The engine “pipes” , not many in the UK especially 125/250s remove it,  they just get a short rubber hose and a bung/roundblock & clamp to the end of metal pipe. basically its bypassed at engine level

Ofcourse ditching the engine pipes with flat blanks is for the visuals 😉

The airbox either has 1 or 2 air ports under it that lead to the AIS device , that can be blocked up too.    Now any vacuum related pipes will simply be used to open the fuel tap & pump mainly.

Least there is less pipping clutter everywhere.

See how you get on  next!

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