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North UK

The problem you describe is very commonly 2 things at play here:
–  Battery is too small (life is shortened) – It must be size 12-14AH (Yuasa YTX 14BS is good)
– Regulator = All hyosung branded regulators use the old “diode” tech (1970s), so once they get hot , they start to die rapidly which is annoying. It is probably #2 most annoying device after the side stand switch, but i digress lol!
We use proper upgraded ones from Kawasaki  (hit “Shop” at the top menu to see what it looks like)

When the above ^ is changed over.  Keep a good eye on your Stator (genenerator on the left side of engine casing , next to sprocket cover) it gets quite hot (more than the old gen) ,  it should be doing 75v-99v healthy if you’re handy with the meter to test it.

All charging & ignition starts from this hot device  before it  tells your regulator to charge your battery  & your cdi to send sparking energy to the spark plugs to fire harder. =  So all these are kind of intermarried!

If the the bits above ^ are sorted.  And you still hear some buzzing sounds or clicking noises when you press “START” ,   change the solenoid (common) it is that ball next to the battery ,  it controls starter motor.   If starter spins slowly  (battery & solenoid are the culprits generally)

Sometimes the RC dash will flicker or spaz out all over the place when Key is ON or  START is pressed.

Hope that helps.

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