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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Adding to Andy’s comments , there is indeed a couple of 650 guys on the forum much  1 on of them has owned a 2007 650 GTR for 12+ years from new, so he has certainly got wisdom too he shares on facebook, it is Barry

Speaking of , good that you are back on the bike, all that’s left is good memory excercise by checking out one of the service manuals in this forum , having a good read will familarise you more with the bike & how it behaves,  although your mechanic will be working on the bike, least the book will point to troubleshooting , interval checks etc.

When the bike is running normally like a stock machine, that’s good ,  with the 650s  generally for electrics some owners go as far as changing the stator for some Ninja ones.

All CC hyosungs generally have these changed out (& for good reason)
– Ignition Coils
– Regulators
– Better lights (ie. Osram Nightbreakers etc)
– Harness is inspected and extra tape in places will help it get less water attacks
– ACF50 to protect all wiring terminals.
– Better HT Caps
– Better Spark Plugs
– Battery
– Stators
– Radiator Fan (DIY work etc if failing to replace the stock)
– Sidestand switch bypassed. (the most useless device on the bike!)

I could go on but some of these things above may indeed cause a discussion with your wallet but  usually in the long run saves from  cuts from rides  or replacing the stock item too frequently,  eg. regulators hyosung branded rarely last 1yr without starting to wane…

Generally it will last as well as its maintaned & cared upon ,   just a shame that my own opinion concludes KR makes some interesting looking bikes  but certain electrics would be better off from the japanese lol.

Welcome to the forum,  & ride easy out there!

If you’re around wales 10th Aug, you may think of seeing us at the next hyo meet in wales , details are in the events section of this forum .   I do hope to make it there myself  if not then Pete the organizer is taking care of the herd lol.

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