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Jul 26, 2019
South Wales
GV650 Carb

I won’t be rushing into anything, especially cosmetic. The exhaust note is OK, a bit loader would be nice but otherwise it is fine. I may look at partially wrapping the exhaust in ‘carbon’ so the main body of the can is black- sort of like the short stubby designs but obviously not short or stubby. I also need to get more with the @Tron’ style that is the GV650, really that is what attracted me over just some other cruiser- it isn’t screaming Harley Clone to the same extent. I ‘might’ consider wrapping the can in fake carbon fibre, so it looks like a long ‘snubby’ exhaust that is popular on many bikes at the moment- or I might try the same with black paint- or I may just leave well alone.

What I will concentrate on is getting advice here on what parts I should really upgrade, which seem to be in the main swapping out electrics for Jap stuff? My model is 2008 so quite old. The top box has already come off, it doesn’t look that bad but I want a clean back end, ideally running boards, and the screen.

I plan to just stick the bike in for its MOT (due in 10 days) and get a service done then, fluids obviously, and plugs, is there anything else I should flag up to the mechanic. Given my diagnosis I’m not really interested in doing all that myself as it involves buying tools I won’t get great use of- in future I’ll do the maintaince that I can based on the manual on the website but for now I’d like to try and start with a clean slate. The mechanic I plan to use is recommended to me, not a main dealer but has a good name.

Am I correct in understanding you might be able to advise me on some of the parts I should be considering swapping out for reliability? If so, do you have any suggestions and recommendations? Here in South East Wales the heavens have just opened so I am expecting some electrical fun later. It would be great if I could build a list of the electrical components I should be thinking of ordering/ swapping- I have already bypassed the kick stand switch as that was causing problems- and I have a posh, heavy duty (went a bit higher on spec) lithium battery arriving today as the lead acid isn’t up to much (when are they with a used bike).

Many thanks in advance if you can give me the benefit of your experience.

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