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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Hey Lola & welcome,

Your profile says GTR250 but its a naked you mentioned? So i will assume this is talking about manual speedos  (rather than a digital screen)

Let’s try this…
1. Has the cable been inspected?   If so (& is new)  ,then consider the “speedo drive” which is attached on the left side of the front wheel.
If you have a “BLACK” wheel sensor with electric cables,  it may be this unit itself but its hard to self repair digital speed sensors.  We either clean them  or  replace them entirely.

Mechanical SENSOR (silver in colour usually) has a thick cable going straight in to the dash console.

Do you have a picture of the speedo ? (Click “Add media” above the reply box) to attach one.
Least I can see you have a speedo that matches your bike (& its year/age)

It would be easier to comment on the fuel gauge it has ,  some dashes are digital (meaning the sensor inside the tank is at fault  rather than an old school mechanical level display with a red moving needle.)

I will be honest, even both of my hyosung bikes GT & GTR the fuel levels can be optimistic sometimes but they get a bit more accurate once i drop 2-4 bars from full lol.

Let us know how you get on 👍

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