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May 1, 2019
GV250 Aquila 2012

Hi Marcel,

Well I have tried both the suggestions, sadly with no change.

I left the battery disconnected for 48 hours while I was away, but even following the protocol suggested the nothing changed.

I then tried the second method. Unfortunately not a success. Not a single flash!

I have noticed the following:

The “Fi” light comes on with the ignition switch and remains on even with the engine started.

However the”Fi” light goes off instantly when the “Kill switch” is used. when the “Kill switch” is put to the “Run” position it instantly comes back on!

The engine runs (Apparently) quite normally.

I am completely confused. I believe the next step is to search out the OBD port (if there is one) and then go to each connector and follow the manual and eventually the wiring.

Be assured I shall feed back anything I discover.

Unfortunately the nearest Hyosung dealers are beyond reasonable distance and having contacted them by E-mail less than helpful! Indeed the “Official Importer” seems to be as much use as a chocolate fire guard.

I a previous life I was Homologation Engineer for Volvo Cars. The importers in the various countries functioned as extensions of the factory, providing excellent support to customers.

I have to say how disappointed I have been with the contact I have had with Hyosung with the exception of the Parts people who have been quite helpful. Sad, as usually when an organisation is trying to break into a market they offer good support function.