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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

way to work around this is CDI unit under the seat to cut the green & blue wire & then use some electric tape to secure it.

It works on “GT250-M815″ stamped CDI’s only, and it’s minimal.
Changing the coils will do better on throttle response than a small cdi cheat which helped old 250s to please eurotree huggers (emissions maybe?)
The effect on 125cc means the stock coil gets a little push up in 3-6k rpm (which is the area the bike tends to take off from lights)
M795 or GT”125-M815” are already full power as far as I’ve experienced them on my donors.
Some report placebo effect , like the SV650 coils are the same as the old 650 lol.

The original poster may not need to worry about the cdi as there aren’t restricted like an ECU is .

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