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North UK

I wanted to add by saying even Honda’s are mentioned somewhere on the GOV UK site  to use E5 if they are very old carb models , although , using e10 on modern machines still presents a problem,  it still means  the more e10 usage the more maintenance later down the road the machine requires. Though some say it is “EFi E10 Ready” just so the auto makers can stay in business & sell products on top of EU’s stupid laws lol.     They also think we may handle E30 in the near future ? I’d love to see that! (E5 still wins, if it ever stays around lol ) .


On Simon’s note in regards to “Shingden” regs. I wholly recommend them and they should have been factory for every 650cc that left Korea’s plants.   I have witnessed with my own eyes a regulator going in smoke when a customer called me for help locally , all he did was change the battery , I was truly amazed the inferior outsourced part actually also cooked up his LCD display on the bike  , I felt bad for him.    Needless to say ,   Australians have been saying the same woes on their 650s online with connectors burning etc – That was enough for me to never sell new 650 oem regs  (Hyosung doesn’t make them anyway, still outsourced to this day) – Shingden all the way for me.

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