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North UK

Have a look at the flywheels.  Korea is known to use delphi specific flywheels to go with delphi stators but…..  If both flywheels match. It should run.


Another hint is that flywheel may have 8 timing tabs on it vs 3 to 4 tabs on a carby rotor.


Thats why when i sell stator kits for 650cc i usually say up to 2013 & No delphi bikes.

Ironically 2013 is when delphi entered the scene too.  The plugs for stators change in later years especially on the 250cc variants.


For delphi = usually best to marry the rotor and stator together unless Korea left the old rotor inside 2013s and just made it run on delphis.


Ill verify this later on when i return to office to check 2013-2014 models


I also know 10000% delphi stators and older stators have different diamater sizes marginally (eg. 80mm vs 85mm)  expect timing sensors to change too.

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