Magnetic Oil Drain Plug (Sump Bolt) :: Hyosung GV300S


This magnetic plug replaces the standard “ Oil Drain Plug ” bolt (with better weather resistance ☔)

  • An inexpensive engine insurance
  • Better <HEX> head for good spanner grip
  • Larger magnet catches more debris!
  • A few colours to choose from.
  • For Hyosung GV300S.


Magnetic   Oil Drain Plug  (Sump Bolt) :: Hyosung GV300S

A magnetic oil drain plug in various colors ; serving as an inexpensive engine protection insurance for Hyosungs!  Over time as your engine components inside wear down, they start to release some metallic shavings in to your oil  (which is the life blood of the bike). A stronger magnetic sump bolt will catch all metal shavings until you do your next oil change!

📑 Standard vs Aftermarket Sump Plug:

🎨 In multiple colours ⚖ Strong & lighter aluminium 🗜 Larger & stronger magnetic tip
🔧 Better HEX Head
(easier to use tools unlike stock ones.)
☔ Better weather resistance. 📦 Includes fresh sealing washer.

🚚 UK Delivery ETA:   3-5 Working Days  

🔧 Fitting Info: None. Change & Go 😉  (need help?)

🏍 Fit For Hyosung Model: GV300S from 2021 – onwards

Additional information


red, black, gold, titanium grey/silver, blue


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