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      Andy Kerfoot
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      South Yorkshire

      Doorbell rang at 11.53 this morning – it was a neighbour from 2 doors up. She told me that she had just seen 3 little scrotes (my word, not hers) eying up and trying to pinch my GV250. 😈 😈 It was laid on its side and the cover had been removed. Didn’t hear a thing because the living room in our house is at the back where a kitchen normally is. She’d called the police and they came and had a look at the damage, but there’s little they can do. Apparently the little scrotes had a balaclava on. Can’t believe that they’d try this in broad daylight. I think I may stay up tonight just in case they come back for another go. If they do, they’re going to meet Mr Batty. 😈 So, I’m now in the market for the tacho case, a pair of new mirrors and maybe another tank, depending on if I can get some matching paint.  If anyone knows where I can get a tacho case from could they let me know please, not bothered if it’s new or 2nd hand.


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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      North UK

      Sorry to hear this 🙁   , is there a way you can safely keep the bike indoors until you have secure storage setup ? and have dogs stand guard for you too.   Just feed them steak!

      I could try to find the parts you want , but send an email if you want  (click contact at the bottom of this site)

      I hope the rest of the bike is not too badly damaged so you can ride soon.

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