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      Hi could anyone help me I have a hyosung gv125 aquila 2009 carby iam trying to start her up but it just reves up and then stops could anyone give me some advice what might be the problem it has got me stumped why it won’t start I have checked plugs OK could it be the vac fuel pump any help would be  appreciated

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      Welcome and try these ?

      • Sounds stupid, is the “Tap” on the tank fully working ?  If its faulty, replace that first.
        Or check that it’s on RESERVE mark ,  in case the other spigot is clogged for the “ON” part.  (it has 2 spigots  = ON  + RESERVE)
      • Fuel Pump = Open it very slowly and use carb cleaner gently and close it back as it has springs inside and a rubber diaphragm   (Don’t spray inside the SILVER VACUUM PORT)
      • Check vacuum diagram  (like this one)
      • Check fuel lines is going to correct places   (like this one
      • Run to Halfords and get only  “YELLOW BRADEX EASY START”  and spray the Air Filter! (not the airbox) , just the filter, so its wet ,
      • Full Choke,
      • Crank the bike and twist throttle up and down really quickly and let go of the starter motor after 5 seconds so you don’t burn the starter or its relay
      • At this point, it should be screaming at 4k revs on choke, leave it there for 5 mins.
      • Then slowly reduce the choke
      • Check the “MAGNETO SIDE” under the coils for an idle adjuster cable, make sure it idles at 1.500 rpm cold  or  maximum 1800 rpm hot.

        let us know your updates ?

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