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      Hi all, i’m a new rider from belgium and looking for my very first motorcycle. Only issue is I am going for my A2 license here in belgium wich is restricted to 35kW. Now I was wondering if either the GT650R or GT650S could be restricted to this power output as they originally make about 57kW… . Thanks in advance for any replies 🙂

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      North UK

      Here in the UK, the  Hyosung can restricted using restrictor kits for A2 riders.

      Find a garage and tell them to use SV650 restriction kits on the Hyosung 650 carb model.

      It is a little tricky to do this on EFi models but it is possible by restricting the throttle section by your local garage  (sometimes the Korean factory does this for some EU markets)

      One way to confirm if it is restricted is a DYNO run 🙂

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