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      Hi all, recently picked up a GT125R and found the club, have been looking around and delighted to find such a rich source of information on these bikes. So far I have only changed the oil to Motul (as per advise gained here) and a new filter and have a pair of iridium plugs to fit. (If I can figure out how to do it without stripping the fairings!) It’s a 2019 (didn’t even know they were available that new!) With just under 3k on her and I love it! Such a big bike feels like a lot more than a 125!

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      Hi Sean, Good to see you found the site and welcome. Your bike looks lovely. I have exactly the same model that I bought new in 2019 and she now has 3400 miles on the clock. I have also fitted a few extras and found that it was better to do some of them together to save time. I had the iridium plugs, coil packs and condenser caps fitted together as the tank has to come off for access to the rear cylinder. The difference is immediately noticeable and transformed the engine. All of these items were bought from Marcel’s shop on this site and fitted perfectly. I use ACF 50 regularly to keep her looking like new and change the Motul oil and filter every 1000 miles. If you are going to ride in the wet a new pair of quality tyres would be a good idea as the stock ones are not great. I gather ours are the last of this model. I hope you enjoy riding the bike as much as I do and she performs as well as mine has.

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