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      I am restoring a 2006 carb version of GV650 Aquila ! only done 2800 km from new but has been standing in a field for many years! On start up there was massive smoke ! I removed heads checked bores, pistons and valves and all ok. The smoke was because the silencer was full of engine oil! Removed the silencer and no more smoke! But now will not start except when i pore a little petrol down from top of the carbs! It runs on suction system but not sure if i have all the pipes connected properly! Carbs have been off several times for cleaning and also tried bypassing the fuel system to use just gravity and can see fuel getting to both float chambers but does not get to the manifold! Any ideas would be most welcome!

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      Proud of you for restoring the GV650 , it’s a shame it was abandoned in that state , it would have been better it stayed in a garage but alas , even dry spaces can make rubber parts brittle and snap , like the drive belt! let alone sit for years , but i digress.

      Okay, do you have access to a compression tester ? – Can you do a cold crank for 5 seconds to make sure both pistons have good compression in the first place ?

      And yes you can post many pictures , and myself or someone will advise if your carbs look good and you have routed everything right in regards to vacuum and fuel.

      Usually “silver port” = vacuum and  “gold port” is fuel input.  (and sometimes there is arrow ==> ==> showing direction of fuel flow so it doesn’t retrograde)

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