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      Hi folks,

      Recently upgraded to a Hyosung GT250R and I’m having a few issues. Bike was stood for a while prior to my ownership, unfortunately disassembled.

      Spent a few days putting everything together following the service manual and managed to get her running & riding.

      However one issue is kicking my arse and I can’t figure out why for the life of me.

      The bike will occasionally cut out whilst idling, or when you first turn it on to prime the fuel injectors, you hear the fuel injector relay immediately turn itself off.


      I’ve managed to work around this by pulling the 30amp fuse out and putting it back in which leads me to think it could be something to do with the wiring/ECU as the injectors will fire as intended after doing this?

      It has no side stand switch, that wasn’t included with the bike, and the neutral light appears to be constantly on regardless of what gear I’m in.


      Any ideas?


      Kind regards,


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      You will need to disconnect the neutral sensor to see if that takes the light away ?  = If yes, then issue is with the neutral sensor, it would be wise to replace with a correct one as Hyosung makes various neutral sensors.   Depending on the year of your bike.   The  “carb models” have 1 dot , and EFI models have 6 or 5 dots because the ECU reads what gear you are in until you circle back to neutral status.

      Take the fuel pump out , and see if the strainer is OK = or post pictures here ?

      Otherwise, the switching relay is needed  (it is better than a simple 30A fuse) ,  like what you see at this store.

      Usually cuts or bogging issues tend to be based off the fuel pump,  if need be, it might need a new one.   It happens   (especially old pumps start to show their age and don’t perform as well as they did in their prime)

      Disconnect the battery for 24hrs , and follow the service manual on this forum  (manuals section)  = > trick the ECU to give you a code and tell us what it is.

      As this is ongoing,  keep us posted , we shall get to the root of it.

      Fi   (not F-One)  , usually is pump , ecu , injectors.

      In the meantime, go to halfords and only ,  i mean only  get this product exactly  (ignore the sales guy) and pour the whole thing inside your tank (whole bottle) , as this will be an aggressive mix to your E5 fuel.   This stuff should make its way to your injectors and start cleaning them out.  I highly trust it.

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      From sounds of it, your bike likely seeing a sidstand signal on and cutting off fuel or spark and or see’s the Nuetral on and doing the same. Address that eletrical issue first. Your Sidestand switch wire is the brown one going down the from left portion of the bike ziptiped to the frame  its 2 wires.

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