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      Isle of arran

      Does anyone know if the speedo cluster off a gt650 will fit a gv650 as I’m finding it hard to locate one for my gv650 as mine just stopped working ?

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      North UK

      Happy holidays , im sure you’re like us taking it easy until the busy life rushes back to us lol.

      Ill be honest off the top of my head, without knowing your age of bike or its carby / efi etc,  but i know full well:

      GTR digital displays don’t play nice on bikes with naked harnesses as wiring changes slightly and they have their specific ECU or   CDI’s incase of carby . Trying to use a digital display from lets say GTR to  2001 Comet with manual clocks, we need the speed sensor and the GTR’s whole wiring trunk & CDI, just to make sure things run as they should without trying to cross-breed stuff too much,   some cases the dashes will go up in smoke if done wrong, seen it with my own eyes lol.   This info is based real hand experience with my 2 bikes one is Comet , other is GTR

      Ofcourse EFI dashes aren’t backwards to Carb’d bikes,  so i’d pray your dash unit probably has a harness fault to check , as  carby dashes are getting rare to get lol.  KR isnt making old ones anymore 👎

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