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      GV 250

      Hello eveyone,

      My bike is gv 250 and 2012 model (delphi model),


      I recently left the battery terminal loose while trying to clear error codes. Afterwards, I experienced idle, temperature sensor and ECU failure. Since it gave the 1-1-8 error, I first changed the ecu and then the ets sensor. Afterwards, my idling problem continued, but my fuel consumption was still high. I cleaned my oxygen sensors and measured their resistance, they are working fine and did not even give an engine fault code. However, my fuel consumption problem did not improve. I measured the idle voltage of the tps sensor in case of tps sensor failure and it turned out to be 3.71 V, 0.20 V if the throttle is open. According to the manual, it should be 1.07 1.11 V when off and 4.76 V when fully on. From what I understand, this is the reason for the rich mixture, the TPS sensor calibration is broken. I ordered a new tps sensor for warranty purposes. When the new one arrives, I will install it and calibrate it. Anyone have another idea?

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      Oxygen Sensor in the exhaust
      Engine Temperature

      These two can affect how much fuel mixture the ECU provides to the injectors.

      Have you tested them ?

      I would also keep an eye on the ISCV unit  (idle speed control valve)

      Try the TPS though and let us know  and use  E5 Fuel  (RON 99)  is best.   Here in EU with E10  (10+ % ethanol content), the bikes hate it.   Less ethanol is better.

      That’s why our GOV in UK advises us for older motorcycles to keep using E5 (aka. Shell VPlus Premium)  or pure unleaded (rare)

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