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      Does anyone know where i am able to purchase a seat cowel like the one below, ive come across a few pictures on google but with no links to buy, il tag a picture below. Cheers

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      North UK

      That one in the UK doesn’t exist as far as i know,  i’ve known people “try” to modify a GSX cowl to fit a hyosung , but don’t quote me on that one as i forgot the details of the GSX bike,  it could be a GSX600 i think!

      However, have you considered SKIDMARX UK   , they make them for Hyosungs and i had one in the past,  great bit of kit for the older shape GTs  , just wished they made one for the new shape GTs lol.

      Skidmarx UK also make bolt on huggers for the Hyosung if that tickles your fancy too.

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