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      2009 GT125R

      Hi everyone!

      Yesterday I made a 200 mile round trip to pick up my new bike, a 2009 GT125R in red and black. She’s not without her problems, but other than a heavily cramped clutch hand the 100 miles home was wonderful (once we got the throttle to stop going on its own).

      So as a new owner, and one that wants this ten year old bike to keep going, I have a few questions. Is there anything in particular to keep an eye on? Anything that will “go” first? Where is the best place to find parts etc that won’t cost a fortune? And finally, does anyone know the quickest and easiest way to stop my clutch feeling like I’m playing mercy with the damn hulk?



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      North UK


      Welcome to the forums!  You could also find us on facebook too 👍  (to be honest we all came here via FB lol)

      Congrats on the purchase of your bike.  As a mechanic / trader dealing with these hyosungs , i wont bore you with a mega long reply but  this information below is based on feedback on most owners and my own experiences , so here we go.


      Front to back!

      – Front Brakes = Goldfren Ceramic Pads.  Others are cheap crappy organics

      – Headlights =  Philips Xtreme Vision H1 and Osram Nightbreaker H3

      – It hates stock plugs. Laser Platinums win.   IX is boring & overhyped.

      –  Electrics are very common but fear not, just swap over to the proven japanese upgrades ( REGULATOR  × IGNITION COILS × NGK HT Cap × 100v Kwak magneto).    Take it from me, stock electrics are like bipolar women!

      I would replace these ^^^ electrics before throwing any extra money on it.  You will be glad you did!


      – good vtwin engine. Following the manual schedule & regular  TLC will keep it happy.    It loves Motul and Silkolene ESTER oils.

      If the bottle doesnt say *ester* dont bother. Enough said 😉


      Get fork protectors around your forks.  Stops grit from damaging seals then leaking.  Also forks are soft.  So upgrade to 10w fork oil to make them less bouncy.


      Battery must be 12ah/14ah rated. As per manual . Smaller batteries cause too many problems later on; some fake mechanics put wrong ones.

      Rear Caliper is known to get muddy.  So monthly clean up and greasing protects the brake pistons from seizing up.

      The Hyosung doesnt have a rear hugger from factory thats why.


      Hyosungs hate bad weather but fear not. Make sure monthly , the old girl has a nice wash down.  Protect the wires from weather attacks.   Change as many bolts on the bike as you can to STAINLESS STEEL.   Trust me.


      Buy a bottle of ACF50. Its the best friend for dealing with winter rust.  Spray the whole bike (except plastics n brakes!)

      Then it will leave a nice film of anti corrossion protection all over it.


      Carburetors are from a Yamaha 600 bike and upside down.  So it is critical a carb is cleaned from time to time to maintain optimal power.

      After all. *foreign micro particles* can clog the jets up. Our salty roads dont help either lol. It is eventual.


      Change the chain to a 520 upgrade  its not just for power but trust me  , the stock 428 WILL snap.   The hyo is 180 kgs loaded.  You will quickly drain the wallet dealing with crappy 428 chains.  Too many people know this.    520 kits are also much safer  as they cant let you down in the middle of countryside

      Tyres.   Strictly Michelins or Bridgestone , Pirelli only.    Cheap tyres is asking for a low side in winter.   The stock *shinko* and *avon* tyres are just woeful woeful & suicidal!


      If you have stainless exhaust or upgrade filter. Its mandatory to change jets!



      Hmmmm,  this is the common stuff.  So i hope this info helps.    More deep science is found in the manuals as you browse the forum.     Tutorials and Owners book go a long way to keeping the old girl happy.


      If i missed anything let me know!





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      North UK

      /Shop/ section at the top of site has the tried & proven bundle kits not found elsewhere.

      And ofcourse i can always order genuine parts  or your local dealer can do it too. Just email me.

      Most sellers online can be fishy, so i dont talk about them or even give them a spotlight! as many people complained on facebook.

      Speaking of facebook.   Sometimes lads are breaking bikes , you make inbox them too if on budget.  Group is called UK Hyosung Owners Club

      // Meditation doesn't mean you have to sit still....

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