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      Dec 28, 2019
      San Diego, CA
      2017 gd250r

      I got a new chain the size the manual stated but couldnt find stx model number so i got the size o ring chain but new one is beefier with thicker links and seems shorter by 2 links will I be able to use this bigger chain with aftermarket sprockets same size spockets as stock but bought seperately from chain ?

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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      Dec 28, 2019
      North UK

      110 links means the wheel will be pushed forward so close that even if the chain fits it may be a little too tight.

      114 links is usually good for the GD250N/R bikes. So if you check your swing arm after fitting 110 chain, make sure there is least 30mm free slack on the chain when the bike is on its side-stand.

      Don’t do it while its on a paddock stand as that pushes the swing arm up and gives false checks for slack.

      Thickness of the chain is fine,  even Xring is known to be fatter than a standard HD chain, but all in all,  the 520 pitch will still be a 520 pitch chain  (or else it just won’t go in the sprockets if it was a 530 chain etc.)

      Hope this info helps and welcome!

      Post pictures of your ride and introduce yourself 😉

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