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      Dec 28, 2019
      San Diego, CA
      2017 gd250r

      Can anyone tell me which two wires I connect on kickstand switch to bypass it the switch has 3 wires…a green, green/yellow and a black wire.  My bike dies as soon as I shift into first. Took off switch and dont know which wires to connect and service manuel is wrong it says I only have 2 wires a brown one WHICH MINE HAS THE 3Wires so i am lost.PLEASE NEED HELP ASAP. THIS IS MY DAILY COMMUTER AND NEED IT RUNNING ASAP. THANK YOU FOR ANY IMPUT

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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      Dec 28, 2019
      North UK

      You can attach the picture of the kickstand switch here  (“Add Media” button in reply box)

      This is so i know if an aftermarket switch was put on or you still have the OEM Kickstand switch.   Yes some GD’s have 3 , but in general any hyosung bike usually has (black-white)  AND (brown) wire under the engine going to kickstand switch but we tend to bypass it lol, as it annoys us that much.

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