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      Im rebuilding my gt 650, since i installed the original dash im wondering if the gauge is accurate.Its not changing alot, with 100 miles on the dash it just lost 2 bars..


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      Penrherber, Cymru

      My ST7 takes about that to lose the first two segments, especially if I’ve been careful to fill the tank to brimming.

      Certainly the last two segments disappear rather quicker which is fine once you’ve got a grip on approx how much fuel you’ve got left. The gauge is sometimes rather slow to react however and can be affected at lower fuel levels by gradient, acceleration and braking.

      I’m not sure if it’s similar across the range but the ST7 has the last segment go into flashing mode when your’ve really low, I reckon I’ve got about 10 miles (at 45mph, top gear) left then so enter personal panic mode here in the Welsh wilds.

      Regards, Steve.

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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      North UK

      On my GTR , i do mixed riding (motorway , slow roads, public streets etc)

      2 days ago when i took her out , i had 2 bars left on the gauge on the digital display.    This is what it took to get to 0 bars  (flashing mode) below:

      £5.58 Journey Cost
      3.03 Litres of Fuel Used  (e5 fuel only here as UK’s E10 fuel is not good for hyosungs)
      30.00 Miles travelled
      40 mpg  (about there) remember this is me riding anywhere from 20mph (school zone) , to about 65-70mph (motorways/highways)
      It also has bigger jets , so she is thirsty lol.

      The last 2 bars are generally consistent.  I think my other GV baby seems more accurate weirdly enough, but it has shorter float arms and narrower tank space inside!

      If my tank is full ,  then yes it will say full UNTIL maybe the tank is 3/4 left , then it starts dropping bars , optimistically until 2 bars

      I will go out next time with a full tank and see how many miles it takes from FULL tank  to the 1st top bar disappearing.

      Hope this helps

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      Maybe the Sender ist Just broken, or the dash doesnt fit the year of my gt, i try another Sender when Finding one.

      with 40 miles

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