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      Got a none start GT125R as a project. Charged the battery up and the fuel gauge shows 1bar and flashes as if to say empty. Yet it’s almost full to the top. What’s the most likely fault/ common issue? Or what should i look out for? Any help is greatly appreciated 👍

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      Hi CptPickle.

      If it is anything like my GV it is an easy fix.  The fuel sender is mounted into tank through the base of the tank.  Two bolts to remove.  The float arm gets stuck when not used for a while.  I just drained and removed tank, turned it over, removed bolts and lifted out sender.  Then sprayed electrical contact cleaner on sender contacts (isopropyl alcohol will do). Gently free up the arm, if stuck,  and move arm several times up and down to clean contacts.

      Connect the sender to the bike loom and check it is functioning before reinstall.

      Under 1 hour easy fix.

      Good luck, let us know how you did.


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