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      Aug 1, 2020
      New zealand

      Aaahh new battery and still draining it . his do I check alternator to see if its charging.  Tips old men my st7 has never missed a beat love it to bits



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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      Aug 1, 2020
      North UK

      From the service manuals uploaded to the site (650 has the same process generally); check these:
      – Regulator output from idle to 5k revs
      – Stator output from idle to about 5k revs ish.

      The regulators is likely the main problem. Inadequate charging (& generally DC electric supply to the bike)

      Hence commonly to change these units to something better like Shingden. Some wire splicing may be warranted. Electrosport USA is another. I wouldnt use any Suzuki OEM regs or Hyosung regs anyway.

      Good luck!

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