Mike Edmunds
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Málaga, Spain

Marcel – 😆 (see smily face!). I followed your advice to the letter, and after a while, spraying easy start (managed to find some in my local car spares place) in continuously, the front cyl caught but stopped (I had full choke). So choke off and a bit more spray and it ran continuously. Gave it a little bit of throttle slowly and it revved, so I stopped it, connected rear plug and it started, but only seemed to be running on the front cyl! I slowly opened the throttle, then when I got to 3000 revs, it took off! Back to idle and it was a bit hesitant again to rev, but again, at 3000 it took off. Kept it running for a bit, checked both pipes hot, then shut down. Waited a bit and then restarted – beautiful!

Now I must wait until tomorrow and see if it will start when cold. Before worrying about plug colour, should I wait until I’m able to do a road test? Assuming that tomorrow it starts again!