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The attached picture shows the 2 cables I have built. Both work fine and the only reason I build the one on the left is, I got impatient waiting for the delivery of the Blue interface (KKL VAG) which took more than a month to get here from China.

The one on the left was build around a standard rs232usb interface using the circuit supplied from the website I referred too above.

The one on the right is simpler to wire up. The connector has the auto standard 16 pin connector but in reality the circuit inside only has connections to 4 pins. These are;

1. +12V
2. GND
3. K+ data line
4. K- data line

The Delphi ECU on the Hyosung only uses the first 3. I am not certain if older versions of the bike use different protocols but I am almost sure it is the same.

Connection to the actual pads was made by inserting 3 wires through a small hole I drilled in the connector blue cover. Soldering is fairly easy since the pads on the PCB are fairly large.

The main issue I found was finding the connector to the bike itself since I could not find a suitable 4 pin connector locally. The ones available here are 4 pin but with different dimensions.

I hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have further questions.