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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Hi Marcel, Thank you for your comprehensive reply. I have posted a photo of the fuel tap that I need as requested. From your suggestions I have a plan and a list of things that I need to check and to buy. I will start with the more essential fuel related parts and then review. I have some questions: 1.The manual says not to touch the mixture CO screw so does this definitely have to be left alone? 2. How do you remove the pilot jet? 3.How many turns is recommended for the pilot screw? Thank you again and I now feel that I have a more methodical approach following your advice

  1. & 2 = We will get to the mixture screws and adjustments when the bike feels like it needs to or when you replace the mixture screws (with orings)
    Korea generally discourages it as they have done it spot on from the factory,  some GV Aquilas use the same engine and carbs as the GT , but they tune it different sometimes but not “that much” , as to keep things uniform with 2 cylinders in harmony with each other They also make the rear slightly richer as it’s the hottest (due to less air flow going to it)

    Either way i will advise accordingly , privately , i’ve known someone to copy my mixtures and didn’t turn out very well on their bikes because i have modified the bike differently to theirs & different parts on different bikes etc .  General rule of thumb is that beyond 3 full turns out has no effect on most bikes with a CV carb like yours .

    3. A screwdriver that’s flat will slot in the pilot jet. And turn it left gently, it should just unscrew out pretty easy , unless dirty , allow the carb to be soaked in carb cleaner for sometime to agititate the dirt.

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