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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

It may sound silly to ask, but i hope you have been using E5 fuel havent you?
E10 fuel in this country is doing no one any favours even the most efficient injected cars / bikes do better on E5.

Also , if the filter is very clean (zero particles) , the tank isn’t rusty (phewww)

Go to halfords and buy WYNNS GOLD PETROL CLEANER.  Pour the whole bottle per 2/4 full tank. Ride until the bike is low.

Let us know if the “soft-clean” did the trick ,  if not , then i’d advise the carbs to have a good blast from the air compressor everywhere inside it with carb cleaner from WYNNS too.  Or your local carb ultrasonic man can do this for you.

Can’t hurt to make sure the carb unit of the bike is totally checked over, cleaned and out of the way.

Then if the bike still misbehaves, we can dive in to other areas since carb is fully rulled out.

Also try what the guy above me has suggested too ^  .

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