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Sep 22, 2021

Hi, unfortunately I am in Cornwall so you cannot try mine unless you travel a long way.  Everything is miles away from Cornwall.

The 520 kit gives you the stated better wearing and stronger 520 setup. But most importantly it changes the gear ratio from 3.692:1 to 3.167:1.

The engine can easily handle the change in ratio so you get higher top speed and longer distance between the gears.  Bike remains very pokey, I would also say faster accleration due to gear length. If you go for it and do the 520 upgrade you will not regret it. The upgrade will turn the 125 into a near as damit proper cruiser.  Eats hills and you can hit 80+ mph which means better rpm when at 60 – 70 mph (70mph at about 8500 rpm instead of flat out). All the gears and rpm suit traffic better whether in town, main road or on dual carriageway.

It is worth doing, the difference is very noticable.  I did not get mine through Marcel but bought the sprockets and chain after doing a little math. I won’t post the sprocket sizes and chain length due to respect for Marcel.

The advantage of buying from Marcel is all the math is done, the sprockets and chain are top notch and you get the front sprocket lock washer (which it is important to replace).