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Sep 22, 2021

Well it went according to plan, carb is super clean, original jets sizes, needle on slot 3 and mixtures set to 2.5 front and 2.75 rear. Result is she idles well, repsonsive throttle, revs drop back quickly and pulls through all gears.

I did replace the carb to mainfold clamps with jubilee clips because the originals are rubbish. The bolt length really restricts where you can place them which just means possible air leak if not tightened enough. Tested all over with carb spray and revs stayed steady so no damage to the super rare and expensive intake manifolds.

The air box is a sod, as everyone says, but not too much of a nightmare. Take it out and back in from the left and tilt carbs to the left to help align the air funnels.

To treat the bike, since carbs are super clean, I have ordered a new air filter from Marcel which should be here start of the week.

Very happy man with a very happy bike. 😀

Now I will run her for a bit, check plug colour and adjust as needed – as per Alan’s advice.