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May 23, 2021
Aquila GV125s

I believe most paddock stands sit under the swingarm of most bikes , you shouldn’t have too much trouble. It can’t hurt to make measurements across comparing your bike to the stand you are after. Some garages locally from you can actually demo their stands and see if they can lift your bike, if their stands work fine, it probably means the average common stand should fit. I say demo the stands with a local garage because I don’t know if it will catch the exhaust cannon that’s on the EFI 125S. I will try to dig more in to this. I suspect the bike already has the mountings underneath for the optional OEM Center Stand if it isn’t already fitted with one. My carby GV’s all had center stands , so i didn’t really need the paddock stands to do most jobs near the rear wheel.


Ok thank you for this will take it too a local place and see what they have.

Unfortunately the Aquila GV doesn’t have a centre stand and only sits on a side stand.

Thanks again for the quick response. Still learning allot about the in’s and outs of bikes so appreciate the help.

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