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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

I have had this before and I owned 3 EFI GV250 bikes.

What’s funny ? They were under 900 miles old,  1000 miles old,  and i assume yours is a DAEWOO ECU since it’s still a 2010

DELPHI didn’t come out until around circa 2011/2012+

My fixes were
– 1st bike of mine Get New Stator (Can’t start without it!)(DAEWOO compatible) ,  not the chinese ones.
– My 2nd bike, I had to replace the fuel pump
– My 3rd bike was a little troublesome,  it needed to stay with me for 2 weeks or so to do full diagnosis of every sensor that’s on the bike, then I had to buy the relative parts it wanted (sometimes the ECU didn’t always show the code),  yes I even had to loan a rare DAEWOO ECU from someone from Scotland (he is in the forum)

What I eventually did on the 4th GV250 which was a customer’s bike was eventually convert the EFI bike in to a carby version, it wasn’t cheap but was worth it. Many things changed ofcourse.  But in the end carby is way less stressful.  Then it was a lovely bike meant to be enjoyed without worrying about the next thing going on off.

If it bothers you too much , don’t loose your hair,  I live near you, so you can always drop it off but not just yet as I still have 3 Hyosung bikes to finish off this May

Also don’t forget to check the “Service Manual” for the 250CC which is in the forum’s Technical Section , there will be pages of troubleshooting and how to test certain things with a meter (better to get hard figures than guesswork)



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